The Origins of High Ropes

If you’re thinking about trying out a High Ropes Course, you might have wondered where the activity originated. The use of high ropes for training, activity and fun is believed to have started with Georges Herbert, an officer with the French Navy. He designed courses with ropes to train new recruits on scenarios they would find onboard ships. As you can see, the balancing and climbing involved on a high ropes course mimics the skills required at sea!

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So, what can you expect at such a course?

A High Ropes Course like that found at 270 Climbing will include bridges, obstacles, midair swings and platforms to traverse. Courses will normally feature a range of possible routes to suit different ages, abilities and experience levels. No matter whether they are outside or inside, freestanding or part of the natural landscape, there will always be safety features to ensure those leaps of faith can be taken confidently.

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 Some tips for an enjoyable experience

Before visiting a course, check the rules of the site. There might be age restrictions, age limits for certain activities and a requirement for a specific adult to child ratio.

People with long hair should ensure that they have hair ties to tie their back whilst participating in activities. Consider clothing carefully. You might be standing around watching others for a while so opt for layers to keep warm. Try to avoid big coats as you’ll need to factor in wearing a harness. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day you’re visiting.

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