These Signs Suggest Your Website Needs a New Design

Your business website may have been sparkly and modern when it was first designed, but the digital world is changing at a rapid pace, and what worked well three years ago isn’t necessarily still fit for purpose today. Check to see whether your site is committing any of the following sins – it could indicate that it’s time for an upgrade.

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It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

One of the biggest sins that a modern website can commit, according to Entrepreneur, is the failure to make it responsive to the smaller screen sizes of smartphones and tablets. With the majority of local searches now taking place on smartphones, failure to acknowledge this trend is the kiss of death for a website.

It’s Slow to Load

In these fast-paced, always-connected times, website visitors expect a page to load within three seconds, or they’re likely to head off elsewhere. Check your site across a range of devices and platforms, and if pages take longer than two seconds to display, then it’s probably time for a new website.

It Relies on Flash Media

Flash websites used to be cutting-edge, but they went out of fashion a few years ago and now seem decidedly outdated. Not only that, but Apple products won’t display them, and search engines can’t access them properly, so if your website includes Flash, it’s time for an update.

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It’s Not Attracting and Retaining Visitors

Your website is an advert, a marketing tool and an extension of your brand, so it should be drawing in plenty of high-quality visitors with the means and desire to make a purchase. If visitors aren’t staying around to complete a sale, then you need to ask yourself what’s going wrong. You’ll probably need to call in expert help to make sense of the data, but you can easily source good website designers in Newport, Newquay or Newcastle, with web developers such as only too keen to show you how they can improve your sales figures with a website redesign.

Your Content Is Static

A site that seems unchanging from month to month won’t inspire confidence in your brand. Search engines love to see regularly updated content, so your website needs a good content management system that allows you to add blog posts and update prices whenever you choose.

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