7 tips for architects know how to work in a team

7 tips for architects

It happens that, our profession is par excellence a discipline in which we will always work as a team. Either with our own colleagues or with contractors, carpenters, workers and even our customers. In this article, we will only address 7 tips for architects and how to improve team dynamics with your colleagues and other architects.

7 tips for architects

1.- Select a leader or negotiate the dynamics of decision makingTips for architects

If you are in an office where everyone is a partner or a very important part of it, selecting a leader seems a difficult task. However, it is easy to identify who is better at being a leader. Generally, they assign themselves greater responsibilities. Their colleagues unconsciously seek it to approve some ideas and generally maintains a dynamic, friendly and energetic atmosphere in the group. If you identified yourself with the above, congratulations you are a leader.

2.- Take advantage of diversity

Tips for architects

The most important thing about working as a team is feedback. It does not do much good if everyone on the team makes the same decisions and there are no new ideas or proposals. Find a team with different attributes is the best, where your strengths can be the weaknesses of others and vice versa. This matches the boat and progresses better.

3.- Clearly designate tasks and goals

Tips for architects

Being clear about where they are going and what is to be achieved at a certain time is essential. This goes a little hand in hand with the administration of time and delegate actions to everyone because if this point is not clear, two people could do the same task without realizing it, this is combined with the next point; the communication.

4.- Communication is the basisTips for architects

Without communication, there is nothing, that simple. Maybe there are frictions in the team and sometimes they want to avoid not saying things at the time, however, this hinders the group dynamics, bringing many more problems in the future. It is important to report if something does not seem like it but in the most mediatic way possible, always having basic rules of respect. Knowing how to listen comes hand in hand with communication, we do not want to be always right, we do not have it, different ideas are always enriching even if we do not understand them at first.

5.- Maintain a proactive environmentTips for architects

If the above has been achieved, maintaining a proactive environment occurs alone. Being positive even when the boat seems to be sinking is very important. Making meetings and talks between advances to know if the goals will be met is healthy, but it is much healthier to free oneself from time to time, going out to eat among all the team or doing a common activity. You release stress and improve the confidence of all members. Do not forget to always celebrate group successes.

6.- Sense of belonging

Human beings need to feel part of something; Therefore, the most powerful factor in the creation of teams in the development of a common identity. Define what identifies your team, set values and make each member aware of its impact on the team.

7.- Relieve the one who does not work

If although this part is difficult, almost always and more in the university. There will be someone we feel is not giving his best effort. The one to always be told what to do because he lacks initiative and commitment. If even talking to this member does not change your attitude and leaves you stranded work. It is best to separate it from the team as this often tends to hinder the dynamics and cooperation are affected.

Hopefully, our 7 tips for architects will helpful for you. You may like also: http://healthyflat.com/cleaning-cast-iron-bath-essentials/

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