Tips for making your own soaps and shampoos

As we get older, we start to take a closer look at the products we are buying and the ingredients they contain. If you are not happy with the ingredients list on shampoos and lotions, perhaps it is time to start making your own.

Tips for making your own soaps and shampoos

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Whilst pop star Gary Barlow has recently hit the headlines for announcing he stopped washing his hair for 14 years, the ingredients we recommend are all easy to get your hands on and leave you with a clean end result, which means you can avoid nasty chemicals without giving up washing your hair altogether.


One of the most appealing things about shop-bought shampoos and soaps is the fragrance. Shelves are stacked with an array of exotic-sounding flowers and spices, but hibiscus flowers, dried lemon rinds and rose petals all add a glorious scent to your homemade products whilst remaining natural and chemical-free in the process.

Powdered shampoo works

Unless you wish to buy products such as KLORANE shampoo with mango butter from a site like, which has a natural mango butter at its core, some of the best shampoos you can make at home will actually be in a powder format. Applying these to your hair after a generous application of coconut oil will give your hair a great wash. You can also feel good knowing you’re minimising harm to the environment. Take seeyakkai (shikakai) and whole green gram and dry them out. Add your chosen scent before adding vasambu (sweet flag herb) to avoid infestation.

Face wash

Consumers spend a lot of money on facial products every year without knowing what goes in them. The oil cleansing method using safflower oil or castor oil is being hailed by many as they turn their backs on commercial products. Exfoliating microbeads found in expensive washes are actually tiny beads of plastic that are too small to be filtered by the sewage system, so they end up in the sea forever. DIY methods help your skin and the planet at the same time.

If you feel like you’re ready to start making your own products, go for it. You can even start small with toothpaste made from coconut oil, baking soda and some peppermint oil. It’s time to start treating yourself and the environment better!

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