Toll Roads in the UK

Did you know that there are 23 toll roads in the UK? For those who spend a lot of time on the road, they are sure to encounter some of them at some point. So, what are toll roads?

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A toll road or bridge is a road that motorists must pay to access if they wish to continue their journey on that road or bridge. The tolls are used to help pay for the road’s maintenance, future construction and to enable drivers to access areas more quickly instead of taking longer routes.

Whilst it is possible to plan routes to avoid paying tolls, it is often the case that the time and fuel cost spent avoiding the toll road ends up more than the price of the toll! The two most well-known toll roads include the Dartford River Crossing and the M6 just outside of Birmingham.

Each toll road or bridge has its own pricing set, there is no nationally set figure. The most expensive is the M6 toll at £5.50, whilst the cheapest is the A57 Dunham Bridge at 0.40 pence. Driving today can be an expensive activity. Why not consider Allstar Fuel Cards from a site like Fuel Card Services, providers of Allstar Fuel Cards?

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Interesting facts about the UK’s toll roads:

  • Scotland got rid of all its toll roads in 2008
  • Since payment booths were removed from the Dartford River Crossing in 2016, 3.5 million fines have been issued to drivers failing to pay.
  • The Kingsland Bridge in Shrewsbury has a non-obligatory charge for pedestrians and cyclists of just 1p.

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