Top benefits of double glazing

A double glazed window is one that has two panes of glass, with a gap in between of approximately 16mm, which creates a barrier to heat and sound. The gap is now frequently filled with gas, as this has shown to enhance the insulation provided by the window.

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Money saving

One of the top benefits of having double glazing is that you may witness a drastic reduction in your energy bill. As the double glazed windows provide insulation against the elements, they also work to keep warmth inside your home. The reduction in the amount of heat escaping from your home will mean that you will turn on the heating less frequently. Take a look at the Energy Saving Trust’s website for more details on just how double glazing can help you to reduce your costs.

Sound proofing

The insulation offered by double glazed windows also works on noise. After you have had double glazing installed in your home, you may notice a reduction in the amount of exterior noise coming in. This is obviously a very appealing notion to those of us that live near to busy roads, or to a busy flight path.

Increased security

As your double glazed windows have two panes of glass, they are always going to be more secure than single pane windows. However, should you be searching for double glazing in Worcester, you will find that firms such as offer high quality windows with advanced security fixings. Many modern designs are required to pass the BSI high security test 7950, which ensures that they offer maximum security, so it is worth ensuring that this is the case with the double glazed windows you have chosen.

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Double glazing has a long life due to their construction and materials, and also due to the fact that they tend to massively reduce the amount of condensation in your property. As a result, the frames and sills remain free of damp for longer. The best glaziers will provide you with a guarantee for the double glazing they install. This can be a lifetime guarantee, but is usually for a minimum of 20 years. You may also want to ensure that your glazier is an accredited member of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS), which provides consumers with protection should something go wrong.

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