Top home building trends to know for 2017

Every year we have new trends and must-have items to update our living space; 2017 is no exception.

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There is no need to spend endless hours looking around houses that don’t suit your needs; we now have virtual tours which show you around properties from the comfort of your own armchair. This new technology is transforming the way we view properties and is a useful tool for estate agency businesses.


Many properties being built, and even properties that are having extensions created, are making more use of glass, having floor to ceiling windows, glass walls, sliding glass doors and roof lights, with an aim to bring the outdoors in. Creating more natural light gives the feeling of more space and this is what people are looking for.


New properties are providing integrated technology with one central operating system. Everything is connected to this, there is no need for separate remotes to switch on televisions, music, and lighting, heating systems, washing machine and tumble dryers; in fact, every electrical appliance can be controlled from one central area. Even outside, garage doors, outside lights and door locks can all be connected to one system giving an easy streamlined system.

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Floor space

Houses are being built, or old ones rearranged so there are fewer rooms and more living space. Walls are being taken down leaving more open space which can have multiple uses. Floor space is free flowing from one area to another which gives an open plan feeling.

Wood houses

Timber framed houses are becoming more popular, now widely available as either the frame only or with internal specification to your requirements. They come in kit form and can be constructed a lot quicker than a conventional house. There are a number of specialist companies around the country, like QTF homes Ltd which is a timber frame construction company.


Another 2017 trend is unpainted and untreated walls. It is not for the faint hearted but the industrial look of plastered walls and exposed brickwork is becoming more popular.


Terracotta is one of the hottest trends of the year, with geometrical patterns being a favourite. So clean up those old natural stone tiles and be on trend. Also rustic and reclaimed wood is a cheaper alternative to natural wood, with less maintenance.

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