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Between the development of new technologies and new techniques, everything in the online sphere is consistently in a state of flux. Keeping on top of every new development is tricky, but you should always seek to have an easy-to-use website that appeals to your target audience, allows them to interact with your business efficiently and conveniently, and helps them to easily find answers to their questions.

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Keeping on top of trends can establish a feeling of familiarity between your brand and your audience, and here are a few elements that will always contribute to a positive and engaging user experience.


Interacting with your customers in innovative and convenient ways is becoming more important as social media platforms become more prevalent and we become more accustomed to receiving immediate personalised responses. Understanding your audience and how they want to interact with your brand is key to providing a service that they find approachable and relatable. Ensure your copy is tailored to your audience, and deftly anticipate the questions they will want to know the answers to.

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Grid layouts are particularly easy to navigate, and their inherently logical nature means that you can present information coherently, which will help to ensure your key points are easy to comprehend in a short amount of time.

Large, high-quality and authentic photographs, graphics and illustrations are important. We are naturally drawn to imagery and as every good Cardiff web designer, such as, understands, the popularity of clean layouts means that your website’s visuals are more important than ever before. As this research by Nielsen Norman Group demonstrates, your imagery should add value to your website and avoid being purely decorative.

If you have a a product-based business, photographs are incredibly important in the process of demonstrating the quality and efficacy of your products to your target audience, but even service-based websites should have clear, large visuals incorporated within the design. Avoid relying on overly staged or stock images, and focus on creating images that add an authenticity to your brand, which will help to establish a meaningful connection between you and your audience. Investing in personalised imagery will communicate your dedication to your business, establishing levels of trust that cannot be achieved through dull stock images.

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