How to use a silicone hose for your automotive needs

Silicone is really amazing stuff! Once upon a time, we just had rubber; today, the advent of silicone has brought about a real revolution in just about every aspect of our everyday lives – and you probably are not even aware of it.

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Silicone is an essential part of the electronics industry; for example, your laptops, keypads, LCD lighting and gizmos are full of it. It provides high thermal stability and makes everything work just as you want it to.

The kitchen

Have a look round your kitchen and the utensils you use to cook with. Gone are the old aluminium pots and pans; instead, you will find non-stick cooking and baking ware everywhere. The great thing about silicone is that it leaves no taste behind after your favourite meal.


Personal care products are a huge industry for both women and for men. Where would we all be without silicone? If you want that certain shine, silicone is the answer. Unwanted white residue from deodorants is a thing of the past, and all your gels and lotions last longer. What is perhaps more important is that silicone is non-toxic, so all those creams and sprays will not do you any harm.

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Silicone and industry

Industry has benefited hugely from the silicone revolution, of course, with the automotive world no exception. Silicone hoses are used in any number of applications.

Silicone at work

One of the many great things about silicone in the production of vehicles is its adaptability in a wide range of temperatures. From the bitter chill of the Arctic to the scorching heat of the desert, silicone hoses can cope. If using Injection Moulding for your vehicle business you could look at links like to help with any accessories you may need.  Coatings to protect cargos such as fresh milk or soft drinks ensure safe transportation; in addition, the engine will be protected.

When you next lift the bonnet of your car to top up the anti-freeze and the oil before the next winter ‘beast from the east’ – and after making a hearty fry-up in your non-stick pan and softening your skin – take a closer look at all those silicon-lined hoses and tubes that lubricate and cool come winter or shine and thank good old silicone for making everything possible.


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