We live in a world of patterns and conformity

On every corner, there are messages that tell us how to look, act, and feel. All these messages go to battle with the need to be authentically who we are. Most of the time the world wins. We live the life the world has told us we should live. Some of us may be uncomfortable with this phenomenon. We may miss our authentic selves and long to be true to who we are. Our authentic selves can become so stifled, uncomfortable, and unhappy that we can no longer contain these parts of our personality. When this happens it’s time to take the plunge and be true to ourselves regardless of the cost.

Unparalleled Peace of Mind
One of the obvious benefits of being true to your authentic self is the powerful peace of mind it gives you. You are free to explore who you truly are. There is no more hiding and pretending. You grow in your own uniqueness. After this sense of peace settles on your spirit you find happiness. Peace allows us to explore our thoughts, beliefs, and passions. In that period of discovery, we often find peace and happiness as well.

The Power of Authenticity
When you have the confidence to boldly be who you are, you discover a power you never had as a follower. That confidence makes you stand a little taller and walk with more direction in both a literal and spiritual sense. When you can be who you truly are, you exude more true confidence. True confidence gives you the power and the stamina to transcend social norms and setbacks with resilience and vigor.

Growing in True Purpose
More begets more. The more you practice the essential art of being yourself the more you become who you truly are meant to be. Your commitment to this process is stimulated by your actions and thoughts. This process explains the idea behind more begets more. One of the most powerful things that are born out of this process is the discovery of purpose. Once the barriers to uncovering who you truly are have been removed, finding your purpose becomes much easier effortless. You won’t need anything extra to find who you are, no wire rope or expensive therapy.

Everything you need is inside of you.
Becoming your authentic self is a powerful and rewarding experience. The peace of mind and purpose gained by this journey is priceless. Once you have cleared all the pathways that hinder self-growth and expression you are free to truly be who you are. That freedom increases your level of confidence and clarity. These conditions create a climate ripe for finding your true purpose.

Richard Anderson


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