What is a trailer coupling?

The coupling of a trailer is probably the most important component. Without the coupling, the trailer is literally going nowhere! Unfortunately, it is also a part that often gets overlooked until it fails or gets damaged.

The coupling is the link between the trailer and the towing vehicle and this usually takes the form of a tow ball. The tow ball fits into the shape of the coupling to provide a tough but flexible join between the two vehicles.

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The coupling is also the site where a braking system and jockey wheel can be mounted so for such a small area, there is a lot going on and a lot of moving parts. This is why maintenance here is so important.

Couplings are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, connections and types depending on the towing vehicle and the trailer. When you need Trailer Parts, contact Auto and Trailer, providers of Trailer Parts.

Components to keep an eye on include:

Coupling head – this is the connection between the tow ball and the trailer

Drawbar connection – No matter what type of coupling, there will be a connection between the coupling and the drawbar. Drawbars can be bolted, welded or clamped

Jockey wheel – Not all trailers have a jockey wheel but this component is attached close to the towing hitch to provide additional support and balance.

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The coupling is a strong part and with a little maintenance, will last for years and certainly as long as the trailer itself.

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