What is an Electronic Visitor sign in system and how does it guarantee safety for Staff, Children, Patients, Care Home Residents and Volunteers

An electronic Visitor sign in system is a safe way of recording visitors into any premises and ensuring the safety of Staff, Children, Patients, Care Home Residents and Volunteers in that particular premises. A trusted, experienced, reputable and professional company such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/visitor-management-system-uk can not only supply one of these bespoke systems but can offer advice on the right software and applications for each individual situation. They will ensure the System is set up and operating correctly as well as offering free upgrades and any technological support that may be needed.  Any Visitor who comes to the site will be accurately and legibly recorded and individual name badges can be issued.

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Not just a name badge but a photo identification can easily be created with this futuristic system, even an individual barcode can be incorporated for easy signing in and out. Security is ensured as this system is GDPR or General Data Protection Regulated compliant.  Giving visitors a short induction, as well as permits and policies is quick and easy with the Visitor Management System.

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In the case of an emergency evacuation the portable, electronic sign-in-system can be taken to a safe location and used to ensure everyone is accounted for, especially useful in the event of a fire.  All staff, students, patients, residents, visitors and volunteers will be securely recorded so everyone can be accurately and quickly checked.

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