What is the Culture of the Isle of Aran?

The Isle of Arran are a windswept and rugged set of “three sisters”that protect Galway Bay from the ravages of the Atlantic sea. This noble set of islands helped the creator buffer bring some degree of calm to Galway but it has given rise to a certain culture on the island that is still relevant today. It does receive visitors, and duly welcomes them but to live there you need a certain hardiness and a love and respect for two different types of creatures. Sheep and fish.

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Arable produce is difficult to grow on the island so you have to resort to using whatever food source does survive. Sheep provide milk and mutton meat but they also give merino wool and this is very useful for the second group of culturally important people. These are the fisherman and the fishermen’s wives. The wives knit the famous Aran sweaters offered by Shamrock Gift. These are warming against the vicious Atlantic wind and the Merino wool has waterproof properties that repel the sea salt spray as the waves lash the fishing ships.

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They are also religious people. The Roman catholic has a strong presence here with an ancient monastery and even a saint coming from the Island. This faith has kept the islanders strong in spite of the natural elements that seem to be ranged against them. The place is well worth a vist and has to be seen to be believed.

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