What to consider when hiring a commercial cleaning company

A Commercial Cleaners Belfast way can help with a variety of cleaning tasks across a number of different industries and they are definitely the go-to choice when you are looking to have a nice clean and hygienic work environment. These companies have highly trained staff and all the relevant equipment to be able to carry out all kinds of cleaning.

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When looking to work with a commercial cleaning company there are a number of things that you should consider.

Cleaning schedule – it is important that you discuss with the company how often you want to have your work environment cleaned. This could be on a daily basis, twice a day in the morning and at night or on a weekly basis. The frequency of your cleaning will depend very much on the type of work that you do as well as how many people you employ. Cleaning has become incredibly important over the last two years as a way to help prevent covid-19 outbreaks in workplaces.

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Equipment – check with the company whether they provide all the equipment that they will need and whether they want to have access to a storage cupboard in your building to be able to store the chemicals and cleaning products that they are going to use. You should also check whether you need to have any safety signs for when cleaning is in progress.

Staff – check how many staff they have working for them and what happens in the event that one of your regular cleaners is off on holiday or ill.

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