What would Britain’s workforce change about its office space?

A leading workplace consultancy has surveyed British workers to find out what they think about their workplace. Half of those polled said they would not accept a job offer if they did not rate the workplace, with one-fifth saying they felt that their working environment hindered how productive they were during the working day. How can things be improved in the workplace?

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Office design

People coming into the workplace for the first time have much higher expectations than the generation before. They want workspaces that suit how they work – they multi-task and enjoy mobility and interaction with co-workers. If you are recruiting and do not feel that you are attracting the best candidates for the job, it may be time to overhaul your office. The best way to create an environment that everyone will love is to consider bespoke commercial desks that suit today’s workers.

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Today’s workers want to be treated as individuals – they want the opportunity to personalise their space and to have a desk that is relevant to the work they are doing. If they are on the social media team, they do not need space for a desktop computer but may need a mood board for the next media campaign; if they are looking after staff expenses, they may need a desk with lots of storage and an ergonomic computer workstation. The Sunday Times produces a list of the best 100 companies to work for http://appointments.thesundaytimes.co.uk/article/best100companies/, which are likely to have great offices to work in.

A company such as http://simonkohnfurniture.co.uk/our-work/commercial/reception-areas-and-desks/ can offer advice and supply the right workstations. Do not just think about new desks; instead, consider the first impressions the company gives by looking at the reception area and meeting rooms to ensure they appear welcoming and contemporary.

Light and space

British workers think that natural light makes for a better working environment. Not all offices have this in abundance, but you can create a feeling of light and space by choosing light-coloured office furniture and ensuring that the layout offers workers an easy flow around the building.

In addition to a cool desk, workers rate their lunch and break areas. They want chill-out zones, decent coffee and a place to meet for social interaction and to discuss work strategy.

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