Why people enjoy making their own clothes

Making your own clothes was a part of everyday life in the past but is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Why is clothes making coming back into fashion? Many people might find the prospect daunting and while it does require a certain level of skill and a fair amount of equipment, it is still attractive to an increasing number of people.

Unique pieces –For those with a passion for fashion, having a wardrobe full of unique and individual pieces is a real draw. With the mass production of mainstream fashion, it’s easy to be seen wearing something that many others are also wearing. Making your own clothes means you’re unlikely to ever experience this embarrassing issue.

Creativity – Many people who have taken up dressmaking find it’s a wonderful creative outlet that provides enormous pride when an item is completed. To get inspired by a wonderful range of Dressmaking fabric, visit http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp

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Environment – The pitfalls of ‘fast fashion’ have led many people to the more ethical activity of making their own clothing. For those concerned with social and environmental impacts such as the plundering of resources, low-paid factory workers conditions and carbon footprints – choosing a more sustainable way of living is becoming increasingly important to many.

Quality – Whilst it might often be cheaper to buy store bought items, people notice a huge difference in quality when making their own garments. Homemade tends to last longer and be made to a higher standard than cheaply manufactured factory clothing.

Variety – You might not have previously been able to afford fancy silk shirts or extravagant party dresses but when making your own, you can access a much wider variety of fabrics and experiment with material you’ve not tried before. When it comes to luxury fabrics, making your own does become more economical.

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Respect – The throw-away culture most of us are used to doesn’t teach us much about taking care of things. Why would we when it’s so easy and cheap to replace ripped or torn garments rather than mend them? When you’ve taken the time and effort to create an item, you’re much more likely to look after it and take better care of it.

Better Fit – You’ll no longer be trapped by the ‘one size fits all’ sizing of shop bought garments. Designing and making your own items means you can tailor it exactly to your requirements, making clothes look more flattering and feel more comfortable.

Make things you love – Another benefit of dressmaking is that you are not trapped by what’s in season or in trend at the shops. Often it can be very difficult to get hold of a certain style or colour if it’s not considered to be in vogue at that precise moment in time. Making your own clothes gives you the freedom to make the things you love and know you will wear constantly rather than having to depend on the whim of what’s in stock on the high street.

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