Will New Boiler Regulations Impact You?

New boiler regulations arrived in the UK in April 2018 – and so far this has affected thousands of homeowners across the country and although we are now a year later, some people are still not aware of the new regulations and how they affect them.

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This is because the new rules require all homes to have more energy-efficient boilers, but this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it will help to make gas bills considerably cheaper for lots of people.

The regulation states that all boilers installed from April 2018 must have an ERP energy-efficiency rating of at least 92% – but currently around a third of installed boilers do not meet these standards. This means that lots of people are spending more money on bills because they have an inefficient boiler.

What Do the Changes Mean?

The new regulations (which are referred to as Boiler Plus) have raised the minimum efficiency rating for all new oil and gas boilers. This means that all new boilers must have a thermostat and a program timer so that you can completely control the heating. While most homes do have this, it wasn’t actually a requirement until recently.

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What Happens If I Want to Buy a New Boiler?

You may be worried that this means that you need to replace your boiler right now if it doesn’t have a thermostat, but this isn’t the case: you will simply need to make sure that the next boiler you buy does meet the minimum energy requirements. So you don’t need to worry about forking out for a new boiler if yours is still working!

This benefits both the environment and you (as you won’t spend as much on gas bills). And this will benefit lots of people. After all, most households underestimate how much they spend on bills, which could be problematic if you are on a budget and you have an inefficient boiler.

If you want to buy a new boiler but you’re not sure about the requirements, don’t worry. You can contact a professional Boiler installation Hereford  company such as greenplanetheating.org and they will be more than happy to help you.

So don’t worry too much: not much is changing for individual households. The only changes will occur if you have an inefficient boiler and you decide to replace it – and a professional boiler company will be able to make sure that your next boiler meets the regulations.

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