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Have you ever wondered what field of journalism you might like to get into. Would you face being a political correspondent, in and out of the halls of Westminster and the snooping in the corridors of power. Maybe you’d like to be an investigative journalist, uncovering who knows what about something that you should know. However if you like clothes then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll want to get into fashion journalism instead. Much safer and the freebies are fabulous. Just think you could be covering the work of menswear Ireland based specialists EJ Menswear.

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It’s not as easy as you’d think. You have to be an incredibly good writer of English to be able to be any kind of journalist and working in the Fashion industry doesn’t change that. What you also have to do is look stylish. It’s probably one of the most important roles where you have to look on point with the fashion to cut it. You can’t turn up to Paris Fashion week in jeans and trainers to cover the latest works from Versace for example.

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Not only that you have to be exceptionally good at diplomacy. There are big egos in this line of work and they must be appeased and given a good buff now and again. It’s a strange relationship. They need you to cover the clothes they are producing for the attention but you need them to let you into their world to get the story.

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