You’ll have fun at the Moulin Rouge.

Started in 1889 and still going to this day the Moulin Rouge is one of the most famous night clubs not only in Paris but also the entire world. It is the creation Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller and their dream was to make a place that everyone from all of the Parisian classes could come and mix together. They chose the area of the Montmarte as this was seen as a popular area of the city for all to congregate at. The emphasis was placed on the decadence and slightly illicit pleasures. The owners spared no expense with the place. It was a lavish inside and out. The Garden of the place featured a herd of elephants and the theme of circus was prominent throughout. France has always had a reputation for pushing the boundaries. Its one of the best reason to look at Property for sale in France like the ones that you can see at it also means that it ever want to pop along to the Moulin Rouge you’ve got a base to do it from.

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Zidler and Oller were no fools. They understood what was needed for the audience and what exactly their appetite demanded. They wanted to be severely entertained and the they got it in abundance. The other draw was the fact the Moulin Rouge never closed. Every night without fail that was the case. The doors would be open, and the clients welcomed in. The place has closed although the first time was on the occasion of the death of Zidler as a mark of respect. The loss of their creator did not stop the punters coming in. In fact, they had some very famous patrons. For example, the Prince of Wales visit in 1890, much to Queen Victoria’s annoyance. If he was hoping for low profile, he was sadly mistaken. He was spotted by one of the Dancers who said “Hey, Wales, the champagnes on you”. That was an expensive night for the crown.

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Time though waits for no place and the Rouge was due to go through several changes. The demise of Zidler meant that new bloody could come into the picture. To start with 1903 Edouard Niermans revamped the place bringing it into the Twentieth century. It was the performance of Mistinguett in 1907 that set off a new era Not only was she a hot dancer she also contributed to the running of the place providing great business advice. When she left in 1929 for retirement the place was being turned over also exclusively to the work for a night club. There were some off times too. During the Second war it became a place for German Officers to hang out, not that the locals wanted to go much then and it closed again for the visit of Queen Elizabeth the second recreating what her great Uncle had done although it’s not clear she got the champagne in. At over 125 years old and featuring some of the most prominent starts in the world it still looks like going strong.

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