Avoiding a hack attack

Hacking is a nightmare. Hacking in the digital age means that someone gained access to your account, either by stealing personal information or by inserting their own harmful code on your website. Recently, some big hacks made international headlines. They affected global corporations and healthcare services. Is there anything that we can do online to protect ourselves?

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It’s hard to remember so many passwords, and it can be tempting to use one for all your accounts. It’s a terrible idea, and hackers can easily access your personal information with just one password. We should have different passwords for each account to keep our devices safe. When you need Cheap Laptops, contact refurbishedlaptops.co.uk

Two Step Verification

Many providers use this process to provide a second layer of security. You must authenticate on another device registered to you in order to prove that you are the one requesting access. This 2-step verification is particularly important for your email account, because anyone who gains access to your private messages could gain access to all of your other accounts.

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Suspicious emails or links

Con artists have been trying to scam people for years, but because they still succeed in doing so, they will continue. Never open an email that looks suspicious or you are not comfortable with. Every day, there are thousands of phishing attempts. Use your common sense. You wouldn’t have received an email if you didn’t expect a tax refund of thousands of pounds!


Download the latest anti-virus software that includes anti-malware. Packages that include a firewall, anti-spyware and other features are also available. Anti-exploit software is a more expensive, but great option. It stops attacks from happening before they occur.

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