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Apps Everyone talks about the importance of creating a budget and doing it really is very simple. What is extremely difficult is to maintain it and, above all, to keep a detailed control of all the expenses we carry out daily.

That carrying a notebook and pencil everywhere sounds difficult, does not it? And no matter if you are a distracted person, you can forget it anywhere and even lose it, but there is something you never forget and you do not leave home without it, your cell phone.

You will wonder what the cell must do with a budget and personal finances, and although it sounds strange, a lot. With advances in technology and almost all models of mobile phones offer applications, better known as “apps”, which will help you control your finances much more practical and simple.

These are applications that allow you to carry a budget and a detailed record of all income and expenses daily from your cell phone. To make it easier for you to identify which items you spend more on, some applications include graphics and statistics. They give you the option to manage your accounts and create categories. In others, you can define investment goals and the timeframe in which you want to achieve them and when they reach you they send you alerts.

A plus that gives you the “apps” of finance is that you can send by mail or download to your computer your reports in spreadsheet format and with that free space on your cell phone.

Some people may be against having sensitive information on their devices, because they are not exempt from being lost or stolen, but these applications do not require the creation of an account, nor do they ask for credit card numbers, Bank accounts are only created to help you better control your expenses and improve your finances.

To get them, all you must do is look for them in the mobile stores of your cell phone, download the application and go! You can start using them. And best of all is that most are free or your cost does not exceed $ 30.

There is no excuse for not having a good control of your finances, here are some applications that can help you, but there are much more, choose the one that best suits you and starts to organize your financial life.

App Money Controlcell phone

Is a simple and easy to use the application to take a personal or family budget. You can put the categories and you get graphs with which you can see what you spent more each month. It supports many different currencies, you can protect your data with a password and export data.

App Indicell phone

If you want to know why at the end of the month you ran out of money and what you spent on it, this is the application for you. As it will help you manage your income and expenses in an easy and simple, also has graphics and statistics by categories.

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Apps My expensescell phone

It will help you keep track of your personal finances, because it has a very simple interface in which you can capture your expenses, indicate to what category they belong and how often you do them, all with the help of your tagging tool and description. It also incorporates a calendar to indicate if the spending is going to be made only once a year or if it is a fixed payment.

App Money Mentorcell phone

Is an application to manage your money and manage your expenses and debts. It has a section for transactions, graphs, and calculators.

App C moneycell phone

Gives you the ability to record your daily expenses, your income, also allows you to have multiple accounts, create monthly budgets, organize all your finances through hierarchical categories with personalized attributes. You can also export the data and make backups among many more options.

App Moneycell phone

Designed so that you can manage all the monetary transactions that you do during the day of a fast and simple way. With it, you can be aware of your accounts, the money you have in cash, investments, credit cards, and loans. It also makes it easy for you to export your transactions and synchronize them with your favorite personal finance software. It also handles multiple currencies to indicate if your expenses were in pesos, dollars or euros.

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