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Build your own website

In one evening, build a professional website that also looks good on mobile devices? It can, and you do not even technical knowledge required. We look at two online tools to you in an instant your own complete website publishes (!) – Including multimedia, forms, and even its own online store.

Build your own website
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Wix was already a popular online web editor, and with the recent update, this tool has increased its lead over the competition. The tool creates the responsive design so that the content can adapt automatically to the screen that allows a visitor views the site. Register at Wix is simple: e-mail address and a chosen password specify suffice. You can even log in using your Facebook or Google account . To make it easy, does this website builder with HTML5 templates according to ten main categories have subcategories each? For example, choose your portfolio and resume, then you get the next choice PortfolioCVs or Personal . For every choice, there are a lot of nice detailed proposals. To really get started.

Tip 02: Background

Working with templates is probably the most accessible way to start your own site, but of course, you want your project looks different than the sample designs. In the editor, you adjust the appearance of your website in detail. Start with the homepage. There you can select a background color as well as a photo or a video. The latter are simple animated backgrounds. Every element, moreover, can be adapted extensively. Choose, for example, a video background, you can adjust the playback speed, you can cover the video with a pattern or color and you can see the animation run in a loop. Want to add the selected wallpaper is also on the following web pages, then click the bottom of the function Apply to other pages .

Save and Publish

As you work, you suddenly get the message that it is wise to regularly save your project. The website creator asks if you have enough for a free domain with In that case, you get an Internet address as Have you ever registered a domain name you can in this window you connect your own domain name to the Wix project, but for that, you have to switch to the paid version? Then click Publish Now and from that moment is your website accessible to the world. Henceforth use the button save right to safeguard your work. It’s also possible to first store it safely and only publish the website when everything is ready.

Tip 03: Text

Surprisingly for an online editor that supports Wix right. Would you, for instance, change the title of the home page, then click it right so you can edit the text. And again it is possible to apply an animation to such a title. Such securities may then spectacular, but to avoid your site is like a carnival, jump preferably economical with such animations. When you double-click a text block of the web page you come to the institutions. Allows you to text size, text color, font, alignment, adjust the distance and some graphics settings. In the same way, also the hyperlinks that redirect to other web pages. The set of fonts you have available is indeed very extensive.

Tip 04: Pictures

In the same way you change the content and form of the buttons and of course, you want to provide the web pages of their own photos. Click on an image in the template and use the button to change an image. That way you get to the photo library which is initially empty. Using the Choose Image, select the image files on the hard drive you want to use in this project. Or even easier, you drag the image from your drive directly into the media bay of the library. When the list grows pictures, you would be wise to organize them into folders. It may be files of JPG, PNG or poison format with a maximum file size of 15MB per image. In the library, you indeed have access to the collection of free images from Wix. Using the buttons you can rotate the image, cropping, create clickable and air effects. With the toolbar you change the size and position of the elements and to avoid you move certain elements by mistake, you can fix their position.

Price tag

You take it for granted the Wix Internet address at, it is possible to publish your website absolutely free. Of course, the options are limited in this free formula. Want to use your own URL, then you should opt for a paid premium packages, even though you have already registered a domain. The cheapest package you can attach your own domain name and get 500 MB of storage; with the most expensive package you get include 20 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Moreover, then you have the opportunity to place a shop and you get premium support.

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