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The way in which information is shared on the internet has changed radically and the rapid evolution of new technologies has transformed the way of doing business in the digital market. Online marketing needs now more than ever to adapt to the new tools to keep pace with the new trends.

Some of the digital marketing trends that have come to stay are:

Mobile Optimizationdigital marketing

Mobiles are changing the buying habits of users and that makes us “potential customers”.

The consumption of the Internet through mobile devices is at the top of the connection means. Hence the need for a rapid adaptation to avoid loss of competitiveness in the market.

The trend is most notable in social networks, such as Facebook, where three-quarters of online advertising revenue are generated from mobile content.

It is therefore not surprising that websites, as well as advertising campaigns, should focus their efforts towards mobile platforms.

Video Advertisingdigital marketing

The consumption of online audiovisual content is experiencing significant growth as users are increasingly receptive to this type of multimedia content on demand.

The improvements of these technologies such as high-definition videos, connection speed and the immediacy of being able to visualize what you want and when you want, is making this category the preferred by many brands to invest in this type of ads.

All these thanks to the explosion in the consumption of videos through mobile platforms and the proliferation of Internet-connected devices such as Smart TVs and video game consoles.

Advertising platforms such as Facebook and Bing now offer advertisers video options and Google has opted for TrueView video campaigns from the AdWords platform.

Wearable Technologydigital marketing

We are in the era of ‘wearable’ technology whose gadgets or devices introduce us to the virtual and real world, giving us many possibilities of access to information in the hands-free mode.

Advertising and marketing companies are studying ways to get messages to people through this technology, even though it has not yet become massive.

One of the best-known devices, Apple Watch, landed on the market last year and has already been a precursor to many of these changes: you have to reinvent the contents, adapt them to the characteristics of the smart watch.

It is a complete revolution in content, in the way of presenting them and ultimately in the advertising strategy associated with them.

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Digital Assistants by Voicedigital marketing

Voice assistants in smartphones have as their main function to improve and complement the user experience as well as consumer productivity.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (pay per click) are two highly popular strategies to get your website to get thousands of hits but the increase in voice searches will lead to a new type of optimization.

How can it influence us? For example, you should make sure that your Facebook content is on Facebook M (your virtual assistant integrated with Facebook Messenger) since this is the platform that guides the smart assistant.

This could also include the content of your SEO campaigns being updated in Google Now with suggestions like ‘Popular in your area’.

Brands should expand their activity to capture this voice search traffic through conversational type searches such as’ Where can I…? Which one is the best…? How to buy …?’

The key to optimizing the new format is to make sure that your business information is easily accessible to these attendees.

Big Datadigital marketing

Big data offers a technology-backed infrastructure for companies to store, process and analyze large volumes of data.

Big data allows the collection of information to analyze it using different platforms and to produce reports and projections that help define strategies to be followed by certain companies.

Learning how to decipher this information, manage it and manage it provides the company with very favorable results: Promoting new products or services and improving their quality.

  • Improving the competitive position.
  • Providing more effective sales campaigns.
  • Creative and Interactive Emails

Some brands have experimented with new formulas in e-mail design such as creating carousel type elements, drop-down menus, and other interactive features.

Expert designers are trying to incorporate the HTML5 utilities into these types of formats, resulting in the experience of a pseudo-website in an email.

Even so, this approach raises some doubts:

Some of these smart designs make it harder to access content because they require additional clicks, while a simple linear design shows all content.

In addition, not all email clients support HTML5 technology. What is indisputable is that Email Marketing understood as the “set of techniques to reach a target audience using email as a medium”, has become the most efficient channel of communication and results in the digital world.

As I mentioned in the post Email marketing as a strategy in customer loyalty, one of the most useful and interesting tools for this purpose.

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Some considerations

The dissolution of Safe Harbor that directly affects email marketing in the processing of personal data, places the American company Mail Chimp in a situation of illegality. By, the deadline for companies to migrate to a supplier with their servers in the European Union is over. All the information in Safe Harbor and Mail chimp: avoids legal problems by migrating to Mail relay.

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