How to Use Twitter for a Business


Let us see in detail how to use Twitter for a business. Thousands of companies are using Twitter, but many of them are wondering “How to use Twitter to profit and promote my products and services?” Do not worry, you are on the right site; we will give you some tips to follow to the letter to take advantage of Twitter and grow your business on social networks.

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TwitterUse Twitter Search to find out what ‘s said on Twitter about your brand or company, imagine if you’re coming on Twitter and people are talking badly about your business, the first thing to do is to handle these complaints and contact These people quickly. On Twitter, a claim can become a bomb if you do not break it on time.

Start little by little, responding to all retweets with a thank you and following the person who made it. You need your company’s Twitter to grow in importance and have more followers every day.

Take the tweeter pace at least once a day, use software that can program tweets if you cannot access your account daily. Do not give the impression that your Twitter account is being abandoned, it would be as if one day you do not open your store or business, you have to work every day your company presence on Twitter.

TwitterAlthough you represent a company, the “human factor” is very important on Twitter. Use direct and close language.

Create viral campaigns to spread your brand through revitalization to the contacts networks of people who follow you. Think of “fun” or highly user-friendly campaigns that will be communicated to your company immediately.

Do not just tweak your company’s advertising; your followers will get tired quickly. Combine information from your company, with market information and open-ended questions to create a discussion about your business or industry.

The best days to launch messages and campaigns on your business on Twitter are Wednesday and Thursday. People are more available and active on the Internet.

TwitterUse existing hashtags in your tweets to assign them to a particular theme, or create own hashtags to promote a product or activity in your business.

Tweeter a lot will not give you a bigger presence, it is better to bet on quality tweets rather than on quantity, remember that you play your company’s image on Twitter and it is important that this one is good at all times.

Consider Twitter as an important customer service tool for your business, its immediacy has made it the preferred channel of customers in their communication with business.

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Do not bomb your followers of messages; a shipment every hour is more than enough not to exceed them.




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