Tips for troubleshooting playback of video game discs

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Check the controllers and keep the console cool

  • Turn off the console for 15 minutes, then restart and check to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Make sure that the parental control of the console allows the disc to be played – you will find these settings in the console menu; they allow you to restrict disks to the ages for which they are specified.
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  • Video game discs are made to be sold in selected regions of the world – check that the region indicated on the disc matches your region.
  • Check the connections between the console and the TV and make sure that the power plugs are inserted correctly.
  • Try changing the batteries in a wireless controller that is not responding; Clean the recessed battery contacts using the eraser that is at the end of a pencil.

You cannot eject the disc

Use the manual control.

  • If the console does not respond by pressing the eject button, the disc can still be removed.
  • There is no universal solution for this common problem. This depends very much on the disk drive model with which your machine was sold.

You will need to search the Internet for the appropriate solution for the number that matches your model.

PS3 Console

If you have a PS3, try this first solution.

  • Begin by turning off the power switch on the back of the console.
  • Place your finger on the eject button and hold it down.
  • Turn on the power switch at the rear; As soon as you hear the cooling fan on the console turn on, press the eject button repeatedly – the disc tray should open.

PS3 console “slim”

Some PS3 consoles, such as “slim” consoles, require another operation.

  • Turn off and unplug the console, and then turn it over.
  • Find the black plastic rectangular tongue on the disk drive and remove it to discover two holes, one with a blue screw head.
  • Insert a small Phillips screwdriver into the other hole, pushing through the protective tape; Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise and the disc should come out of the console.
  • Pull it out once a third of the disk will go past.

Xbox Console

  • If you have an Xbox, turn it off and unplug it.
  • Then, remove the front of the console by pulling it out of its retaining hooks. You will see a number of small holes just below the disk drive.
  • Push an unfolded paper clip into one of these holes, which will slightly open the tray; once done, with your fingers, gently pull out the entire tray.
  • You will need to check on the internet which hole to use for your model – it is not the same for all machines.
  • If you need to place it in a cabinet, make sure there is enough room behind and above the console and that nothing blocks the vents.
  • Keep in mind that blockages can also be caused by dirty or damaged discs and problems with DVD players.

To avoid problems in the future, never attach labels to the discs and do not move the console when there is a disc inside it.

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