Tips to take care of your Smartphone


Nowadays Smartphone is available using all over the world. That is very helpful for us because it is more important to the communication of worldwide. Smartphone

Currently the Smartphone’s industry is moving very fast, offering us a new model every year, however, the investment that represents acquiring a new one, makes us reconsider in lengthening its useful life.

Try to perform a full charge of the battery every month. Use the Smartphone up to 10% charge and then perform a 100% uninterrupted charge. This will exercise the cells of the battery, lengthening its life of use.

Equip your Smartphone with a case that is resistant to bumps by drops of a meter and a half. The manufacturer must specify the fall distance he supports since soft or non-rigid covers generally do not cushion the shock. Use the case designed for your Smartphone, although generic cases are cheaper its design does not cover all points of impact.

If your Smartphone does not come equipped with protective screen mica such as the “Gorilla Glass”, place one to attenuate direct blows and avoid scratches.Smartphone

Try to remove as little as possible the communication card and the SD memory card (if it is interchangeable) avoiding to deteriorate the parts of contact that generally do not support intensive wear.

In places that you frequently visit with access to a Wi-Fi network connect your Smartphone, you will extend the charge of your battery and you will save in the consumption of contracted data.

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Do not expose your Smartphone to the sun for more than 5 minutes, even if the protection for excessive heat shutoff is activated, shortens the life of the circuits and internal components.

Update the operating system of your Smartphone when the manufacturer advises and when you see that you gain in reliability or functionality. Do not update it by fashion, wait for the comments of other users and check the corrections applied on the list of “Fixes” (errors corrected from the previous version) issued by the manufacturer.

Have the least amount of applications in Background (in permanent execution, without seeing them on the screen), they spend a fee of the battery charge shortening its life.

When in a place you detect that there is no good reception of the cellular signal, it is better to turn off the Smartphone, because when it does not find the signal enters a constant search cycle quickly expanding the energy of the battery.

SmartphoneDo not wet your Smartphone, or expose it too humid environments, you will avoid an internal short circuit and almost always permanent damage. If your model is water resistant, check the manufacturer’s specifications for the conditions it supports.

It is best that you know and implements these measures even if the case is not present and if you can, read the manufacturer’s care instructions to know your Smartphone better and keep it in good condition for longer.

This Article to given many tips How  to take care of your Smartphone.

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