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Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but there are quite often updates. And often at a time when you do not want to restart your computer. With this trick, you install the updates only when it suits you.

Windows 10
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Software as a Service

Microsoft Windows 10 regarding updates changed so compared to previous versions, which are rolled out much faster updates. That’s nice, because if your computer is always up to date and errors in the operating system solved quickly. Windows 10 is thus a so-called software as a service has become or Seas. But that has occasional drawbacks, because although the number of reboots for Windows 10 updates have changed significantly, the computer must still be restarted for some updates.

use times

Fortunately, Microsoft has done a lot to reduce the update-suffering. There is the use Times feature. Lets you set the times when the computer is used for important tasks. Within the time you specify there, for example from 9:00 morning until 17:30 in the evening, Windows 10 may not restart the computer, or give you a message from there. Outside those times Windows 10 may do so, however.

Set usage times

Setting Operating times for your computer you do the following: Go to Settings and choose Update and secure. Under the item settings updates you can find the link to change Usage Times. There you can specify a start and end time, which Windows 10 can not be restarted for updates. Set the time that is most practical for you, for example, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 20:00 in the evening. Please note that there is a limit on the period, which may include not exceed 12 hours. With a next major update to Windows 10, this otherwise extended to 18 hours, but for now you have to make do with this restriction.

Quietly work

After you set the desired operating time, click Save. From now on Windows 10 will not bother with an unplanned or unwanted reboots while you’re in the middle an important document or a game you are playing. So even if you’re just a long time away from your computer, you will not be suddenly surprised with a complete reboot of your computer.

Windows upgrades

Microsoft also regularly performs major upgrades for the operating system, such as a few months ago Anniversary Update. It is anyway always requires a system restart, but these upgrades generally last quite long to install. If you upgrades do not want to receive, you can refuse it for a long time. How long that time, Microsoft is not saying, but count on a few weeks after the upgrade itself is available. The option to defer upgrades can be found under the Advanced Options to update settings.

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And also read this for your PC to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode Microsoft Windows 10 regarding updates changed so compared to previous versions and Windows 10 updates postpone With this trick, you install the updates only when it suits you.

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