10 Simple Tips for a Cheap Cruise

Cheap Cruise
  1. Find a golden deal

Use your computer to check out promotions, even if you end up booking through a travel agency or cruise line.

  • Although online prices are very often advantageous, if you find a lower tariff on the Internet, some cruise companies will equal it or offer even better.

 Cheap Cruise
  1. Find an agency that suits you

Call two or three agencies to get their best prices.

  • Determine how the agency looks after you and seeks to meet your needs and interests.
  • A good way to check if an agency is legitimate is whether it is a member of a professional association by doing an internet search.
  1. Book in advance or at the last minute

Cruise companies offer big discounts if you pay well in advance (you could save a few hundred dollars), but prices tend to fluctuate over time and if the ship has empty cabins nearing the time From the start, prices fall.

  • Booking at the last minute can sometimes help you make an even more interesting deal.
  • Make sure you do not nibble at the cost savings from last minute airline tickets.
  1. Off-season reductions

The high season (and therefore the most expensive) tends to be between late December and March.

  • Fall offers good cruising rates, but it’s also the hurricane season in some areas.
  1. Know what’s included

Food and entertainment are included, but not tips, and they can represent up to a hundred dollars per week per person.

  • Many excursions ashore are also extra, which will increase your expenses.
  • Check carefully what is included.
  1. Go on your own

Do not limit yourself to planned excursions from the ship.

  • Contact the tourist offices of the ports you will visit in advance and look at what they can offer you.
  • Creating your own shore route can be more fun, better suited to your interests and much cheaper.
  • Do not forget to take into account your personal safety in certain places.
  1. Find a room without a view

The interior cabins are just as spacious as those on the outside and cost about 60% cheaper.

  • The only thing you will miss is the sight; When you sleep.
  1. Save on Flight

Most cruise packages include everything but airline tickets.

  • Many cruise lines will offer you a lower fare with an airline, as it is possible that this is not the best rate.
  • One of the advantages of booking a flight with a partner cruise company is that if the flight is delayed, your reservation will be retained and they will take you to the boat in some other way.
  1. Contact the company directly

After checking out the discount travel sites, you could save by consulting each cruise line directly.

  • Even if the sites do not allow you to book the trip, you can get a better idea of the ships and the equipment they offer before you buy.
  1. Find out about your choice

The profiles of cruise lines, reviews, bargains and cruise tips are all available online.

  • Compare the different airlines below to find the best deal.

A cruise is supposed to be a relaxing time, not an expensive trip. Learn about your options and create an unforgettable vacation!

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