5 tips to improve your air travel for work


We will give you tips to make you feel cooler on arrival and allow you to significantly reduce your travel time.

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1. Get a light and practical luggage

Although leather towels seem stylish and professional, this is not the most practical baggage when you have to travel several blocks or more than a mile from airport corridors.

The classic briefcase is heavy and has not been designed to accommodate the elements that a modern businessman needs. In addition, weight imbalance can damage your shoulders over time.

Instead, get a bag designed to hold your laptop (including a padding), with pockets for your cell phone and charger, and enough space to carry a few extra clothes and a File or two. Make sure your luggage is lightweight and has two shoulder straps like a backpack and a handle.

2. Bring your laptop with you

Even if you do not think you will need your laptop during your flight, it can be a bad idea to leave it with your checked baggage.

You will not only increase your chances of losing it, but also find it broken, baggage handling systems being mastered in the subtle art of destroying laptops.

This will actually add weight to your luggage, but this is only a minor inconvenience when compared to the possibility of having to replace your computer.

3. Change clothing during long flights

Do not you have enough to get off the plane after long hours of flying to realize that you seem to have slept in your jacket or your blouse? The solution is to bring light training pants and a T-shirt in your carry-on luggage.

A blow on the plane, wear these informal clothes and leave your clothes on a hanger. Arrived near the end of the flight, change again. Your clothes will look fresh and clean, despite the long journey.

4. Apply your receipts

Visit an office supply store to purchase a small wallet – the size of a legal envelope size. Be sure to choose a model with many separations. Make it an essential thing to bring in your luggage to organize your commercial receipts.

Throughout the day, store all your business-related receipts in the same place, such as your jacket pocket.

Then, each night at your hotel, store the receipts of the day in the compartments of your calendar, sorted in the categories required by your employer. So, filling out your expense sheet at the end of your trip will be a breeze.

5. Equip yourself with an anti-wrinkle sprayer

Hotels are more than willing to charge an arm and a leg for dry cleaning service to reinvigorate your clothes crumpled by transportation.

However, there is a relatively new product called an anti-wrinkle sprayer, which can provide you with an inexpensive solution to the hotel’s whitening service.

Just hang your clothes, spray, and smooth wrinkles with your hands and let it dry. Many brands are available and can usually be found in the laundry products section.

You can even try to make it yourself by mixing 15 milliliters one tablespoon of softener to 50 ml (1/4 cup of unscented rubbing alcohol with 250 milliliters (one cup) distilled water. Pour the mixture into a bottle equipped with a sprayer and gently spray your garment with one hand away.

The quality of your trip really depends on what you do with it. Even if you are not on a business trip, this can be a fun occasion to visit a new city and change scenery. These tips will help you get the most out of your trip and reduce your stress and hassle.

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