How to visit Phi Phi Island without feeling like a tourist

How to visit Phi Phi Island

After the film The Beach Koh Phi Phi has become an assault destination for tourists, especially speedboats, or those unbearable speedboats that organize day tours, which fly like crazy, ruining landscape, sea, and quiet, so please if you can not do it. In this section, we are going to discuss how to visit Phi Phi Island. 

As I wrote in my pre-travel newsletter (now let’s see if you really follow me) I came here to find a dear friend of mine who has properties on the island, so I was lucky enough to live in a little more from local, which I would say that he made the difference. Keep reading: 8 tips for camping on the beach

Post-tsunami there was a large urbanization, not all responsible, although fortunately the buildings remained low, not destroying the landscape. The center of the island is practically a strip of land that connects two islands, so in a few minutes from the center, you have two coasts available. You only walk on foot which is a huge plus.

How to visit Phi Phi Island

How to visit Phi Phi Island

The beaches are wonderful, exactly as a postcard, I went during the week of New Year or maximum tourist turnout and except Maya Bay, the others were not overly crowded indeed I found some of their own virgins.

Tonsai beach, the one near the port is a good solution if you do not want to move too much, but choose a place at the end of the beach, near the rock, in front of the Mama Beach so to speak.

If you want something more virgin, but still easily accessible go to Long Beach, there are also the spears in 5 minutes, but I think the walk of 20 is worth, for more the restaurant that gives the beach a very good rice with the crab.

The best way to explore the island is to rely on a boatman, one of those who drives the long tail, take one on your own or share the shopping with some hostel mate, but I do not recommend to rely on an organized tour, each has its own times by sea. The costs range from 1,700 baths for 4 hours to 2,500 baths for six hours, mine was called Man, just if sometimes to look for him …

For the Phi Phi tour, it’s a good idea to start around noon, when many of the daily tours have already left some beaches. Long Beach scapolata found LooH Moh Dee Beach,

Looh Moo Dee Beach

How to visit Phi Phi Island

Usually, there is almost no one, and among other things, it can be reached on foot. The beach is beautiful there is enough bottom, so if you like swimming, you have to walk a bit. There is a small bamboo bar if you are thirsty. Going to the right of the harbor stop at, the water is to drink, the bay is great even if infested with groups of Chinese swimming uncoordinated, almost no one gets to the ground since a good swim is necessary against the current, I advise you to be careful where you put your feet because there are a lot of sharp corals.

Nui Bay

How to visit Phi Phi Island

The most famous place in Phi Phi is actually the small island opposite, Phi Phi Lay, where there is the famous Maya Bay beach where they filmed The Beach. The crowding of the beach is like Rimini in August, you can not believe it, do not go there at half a day, I went there around 5 and there were still a lot of people. I would say that the best solution is or go there at 7 am, even if there are several tours that do, or sleep. There is an option that I have not done, but what will I do if I return, which plans to go to Maya Bay at sunset, have a barbecue party, and sleep in a tent. In this case, you could finally say that you are the only one on the beach. If the sea has not been too rough you can see the bioluminescence or the fluorescent effect of the water given by the abundance of plankton.

Maya Bay

How to visit Phi Phi Island

Perhaps even more beautiful than Maya Bay is Lagoon Bay, it is not a beach but a lagoon created by the sea where these huge boulders are contours reflecting their intense green in the water. If you go there at sunset, there are very few people.

Another islet that is in front of Phi Phi is Bamboo Island, better to go there in the morning otherwise you will find low tide, the main beach is a huge expanse of white sand with trees that make shade, but it is infested with speed boats you have to stop in a cove just before and you will be the only ones.

Lagoon Bay

How to visit Phi Phi Island

I advise you to stay on the side of Tonsai, or even push yourself to the long beach but do not go to the other side of the island because to reach the center (Tonsai) takes about 40 minutes of launches and even 40 € by taxi boat.

Towards Tonsai, my favorite is Mama Beach, which is right at the end of the beach near the mother rock and moreover, they also do yoga in the afternoon at 6.30pm. Soon after, there are cute beach bungalows at reasonable prices such as Sea View. On the main course instead you will have to settle for renting a room, possibly with a view, the prices are not ridiculous, we are talking about 2,500 baths per night. If you want to spend less go in what is called the English area, but at your own risk, teeming with 18-year-olds with a great desire of fiesta.

A nice hostel on the beach, very basic is the Blanco Rooms and Apartment. If you are in the mood “I have to write the book of life”, as I should be, or you have met the man of your dreams on a wild beach, go to the Viking is on the way to Long Beach, has wonderful rooms for all prices , surrounded by nature, also has the tree house … a dream! The beautiful Cobble Beach structure on the sea has an infinity pool on the ocean with a perfect deck to relax with a view. Ibiza House Phi Phi beautiful swimming pool very central area. Phi Phi Rantee Cliff has all bamboo or wooden structures on the beach, amazing!

Phi Phi Island by night

How to visit Phi Phi Island

Apart from the fake street restaurants that serve espresso to counter the high alcohol content, on Tonsai beach, there are the nicest restaurants on the Island.

I recommend 3 because they are the ones I tried

Tonsai Sea Food Restaurant: if you want to fish you go here, it has a very good grill, however, the top thing is still the crab with the basil!

Le Grand Blue: it is a French-Thai restaurant, even if the owner is 100% honest. Besides, she works for only female staff; it is perhaps the most elegant on the island, but the prices are very low. The food is delicious. I recommend the tempura and risotto with scallops.

Italian Rest: It’s my friend’s restaurant so you have to go there, also because she has the nicest staff on the island, ask for Demmis and send him a kiss from me. They do everything at home, even the pizza is nice (a Neapolitan breaks it). My favorite dish is tagliatelle al pesto and barracuda. Another gem, they have real coffee !! They also serve high-quality Thai food and the ice creams are homemade.

Like after dinner or the crazy night of the English area or I like two solutions, the average dance of Carlito’s is a fun bar on the beach where they play live music and fire show or the relaxing Relax Bar has nothing, business. It’s a cocktail bar in the English area, run by Dennis, a Swedish guy I met this summer in Stockholm, he makes good drinks, the music is cool and the wildlife is indeed Swedish. Very funny, every night seems like Saturday!

How to get to visit Phi Phi Island

How to visit Phi Phi Island

Most of the intercontinental flights to Thailand arrive in Bangkok, although not everyone knows that Phuket is also an international airport. In any case, you have to reach Phuket or Krabi and take a ferry or a speedboat, the journey is about 1.30 from Phuket-2 hours from Krabi you can check the timetable here. But I recommend you remember that the last ferry is at 3 so if your plane arrives after you stop a night on land like I did.

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