10 affordable wedding tips to make your event unforgettable

affordable wedding tips

I have already talked a while ago about the importance of Photography in a Wedding. The most important actually because it is the only memory that remains, and also of the times in the organization of the Wedding itself. Due to an article published, I take the time to meditate on this and extend a little more the advice on the Organization and the success of a Wedding.

I will not put much emphasis on the choice of the Photographer, since I believe that there is a Photographer for each Client and a Client for each Photographer, but it is important that they dedicate an important time to the search and election of one of the people who will be with You all the day of the wedding in the best of cases and then you will see it reflected in the photos that will remain as a souvenir. Keep reading: 16 questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot in wedding

Affordable wedding tips

affordable wedding tips

The Photographer must reflect what they felt that day, from their own point of view and style and that the Celebration can be felt from the images. Let’s know more about affordable wedding tips.


The Family and the Friends know the couple that will give the Yes. They have received them in meetings, meetings, celebrations and many social situations. But have you seen them alone? Have you been able to see what you are like when you are together? This is a fantastic opportunity to show how spontaneous they can be and share them privately or show them on the night of the wedding. It is also the best way to start a relationship with the photographer that will serve for a better record of the wedding night.

And if they cheer up more: why not make a Trash the Dress?


THE DAY ARRIVED. We know that the preparations of the Bride are very important because in itself it is a whole Ceremony. But it is also a day of nerves and troubles.

The best advice: look for a quiet, relaxed place where they can treat you like a Queen. A Hotel is the best option: illuminated, with a view of part of the city and with enough space and order to keep calm and to receive family members and some friends who always offer help.

For the photographic registry, these spaces offer many advantages, both of atmosphere and lighting and can work more calmly and go making the coverage of the Preparations of the Bride in the details such as the dress, shoes, looks and makeup and the situations presented at that moment.

The boyfriend? It is also a perfect option but on a different floor!

affordable wedding tips



PFFF! What a theme! The guests from my point of view are one of the key factors for the success of a Fiesta. But from the hand of Music. So how is this resolved?

Simple: invite those who really want to be with you that night. The guests should share our joy and mix should have the same desire to have fun as the couple. They will be the ones who will give the pulse to the night. I always say that “making a number” is not the guarantee, and like all the Quality, the premium over the quantity.

And music?! A detail for more important, both for the couple the guests and even for the Photographer! Music marks the rhythm of a night, and a good DJ will know how to manage this energy. Ask, consult and arrange meetings with potential DJs. Make a list of songs that yes or yes they want that night to sound, but also trust the DJ and give them freedom to handle the track.

Seeing the guests singing, expressing themselves and jumping to the beat of the music is priceless, and will also give the record incredible moments.


affordable wedding tips

A day that does not repeat itself. It is easy to ask the Bride and Groom to be relaxed, but many things come to mind: everything goes well, dear people who will be there, and important people who are no longer there … all this makes Emotion skin deep and Many times the tears cannot be contained: let them out!

They are beautiful moments to record and they help to release tensions in many cases!

Many Religious Ceremonies come with beautiful words and very people on the part of the Officiant, and in others are the Guests who dedicate words or a small speech: pay attention to what they say and let yourself be led by them.


Another key when making a wedding. The choice of the room or space is conditioned by several factors, from the number of guests to the origin of these. Is it accessible? Can you take taxis when you return? Is it spacious and comfortable? In addition to all this, they should pay attention to details such as the ceiling, lighting and lighting details, and of course the painting of the walls. These are details that are often overlooked, but on the night of the wedding everything is part of a set and it is not pleasant to see cables hanging, lamps without lights and sloppy ceilings.

Try not to choose dark rooms, with black walls or other colors. Believe it or not, this type of detail can affect even the mood of the guests.

With regard to the decoration, you can choose the extremes: the simple and the majestic, and that is as personal as the choice of the Wedding Dress. A simple decoration but with very good taste, focused on the small details can turn a space into something magical, and at the other end a decoration full of flowers, finely decorated tables and covered walls can make the guests feel in a unique space . Look for decorators who have experiences and who can show real work with real solutions.


If they chose to marry by day, the Light is an important factor. If you chose a room, take advantage of this resource and let natural light into the Wedding space.

There is no point in organizing a wedding in the middle of the day or in the afternoon if the room or the spaces of the wedding are closed and they do not let in enough light. The magic is lost.

Many couples talk about certain limitations for getting married during the day, but they are not. Many weddings are starting in the early afternoon and they end early in the morning and they enjoy double! They also give the opportunity for a broader photographic record and with many nuances.


affordable wedding tips

Just as many prefer the day, others the Night. And this should not be a limitation when it comes to organizing your wedding or decorating it, much less getting a complete photographic record with nightlight conditions.

Many celebrate the Civil Ceremony in open spaces, in Salons that have Gardens, but something happens: who is in charge of the Illumination thinks that only the Judge must be enlightened to read the Acts. Error. The couple is the important thing, they must be perfectly illuminated both with their backs to the public and in front of the Judge, and the guests must also have the correct lighting.

Find and choose rooms and decorators that can provide solutions in these situations. Your wedding will look much better, and it’s not more expensive! Sometimes creative resources completely change a space and turn a common place into something magical.

A well lit room changes everything, makes the details much more enjoyable and the photographic record does not suffer certain limitations. Talk to the person in charge of this, ask and verify that the dance floor has the necessary light, and that the spaces are perfectly lit.


The illuminator wants to display all its lights. He also wants to show that he has a lot of circus and decides to turn on the smoke machine exactly every 4 minutes.

Excuse me, are you reaching out to see if there is someone in front of the track who does not crash? Exactly. You cannot see anything, it does not work, it’s annoying and in 90% of the cases it ruins both the Photography and the Video. Nothing can be captured.

Unfortunately many lighting or sound services do not have “heavy” smoke and only have the smoke that floods the whole place. The Heavy Smoke is the one that only remains a few centimeters from the floor and is beautiful for moments of the Waltz, and at the party too!

Be sure to explain these reasons to whoever is responsible for this: a little bit is fine, too much or often it is annoying and it is not necessary to smoke to make the lights shine.

And the lights in the always white Waltz. Why transform the couple in Shrek with green or blue lights? Is it a circus? LED lights at certain points on the track can provide good lighting and even help photography. Like everything, excesses do not work.


affordable wedding tips

It must be the word that I use most with couples in meetings and that I try to record in their minds on the day of the wedding: that day is not repeated, it must be enjoyed.

Therefore: what do you do sitting there? To the track! To dance! Without stopping and until the body asks for enough, even so they must continue!

Your guests want to see you happy and enjoying, if you dance, laugh, have fun, scream and riot, they will infect your friends and family and they will do the same. We return to the beginning! The success of a party is the Guests, but you responsible for having fun!


Many couples consult about whether or not to make “Mesa” photos. Is it used? Not used? Personally, I do not think it’s about what is fashionable or what seems classic. I consider that there are very important people on the Wedding Night and it is beautiful to have the memories of these with us. Grandparents, siblings and close family are the main ones.

If you do not want to make “Photos of Table” you can opt for a space of photos to make beautiful portraits. It is the best gift you can give to those guests that are so important to you, and in the process to get away from the “classic”. And they will always have them with you.

My advice is: make those photos you want to have. The Photographer must adapt to you while maintaining his personal style.

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  1. SUMMARYaffordable wedding tips

Maybe it can be repetitive but in all these little tips of my vision as a photographer, I think I put some experience and I think all this is the key for your wedding night to be successful and a memory of which all your guests speak and you remember it for always.

Maybe you should add on a personal basis that in the election of the Hall or Service thereof consider those which ensure a good deal with external Suppliers: Photographers, Videographers, DJs, etc. These people also make the party and should be treated with respect and provide the greatest possible comfort. After all, we advise too!

Many Salons services do not even provide a glass of water to those who are working for many hours, nor talk about something to eat and this can produce that those who work for you cannot do it with the same desire.

Ask, consult, and ask for opinions of the rooms and experiences of other couples. Many of them would be happy to give them.

And of course, ENJOY, once again! You may also like: http://linkfeel.com/prioritizing-wedding-shopping/

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