When and What is Best Time to Get Married? Choose Now

In what station are you going to give the “yes, I want”? In spring, summer, autumn or winter? What to do a few months previously your wedding. Depending on the time of year you have chosen. There will be a more propitious hour to begin the ceremony. Find out below which one is the best time to get married.

As important as selecting the date of the link, choose the dream wedding dress. Choose some original ideas for simple weddings with which to surprise the guests. It is that you find the best time to get married. To get the right time to get married, take note of our simple recommendations. It will allow you to feel more comfortable and not spend excessive cold or heat depending on the time of the year chosen. And send already the precious wedding invitations that you have selected for the big day!

Best Time to Get Married


There are several factors that make a morning wedding preferable to an evening or evening wedding. For example, you will make the most of the sunlight hours for the wedding report, apart from the weather conditions. Thus, the ideal is that during these months the ceremonies begin around 12 noon. In this way, you will have time to arrange yourself. And the hairdresser will leave you the perfect topknot that you like so much. The make-up artist will give you his magical touches to make you shine and look super pretty.

best month to get married

If the wedding starts at noon, at about 13 o’clock the ceremony and the signatures will be over. So, it will be time to hold a photo session with family and friends. If the timing is met, about 13.30 you can already escape taking photos of the couple’s report. Between trips and the session itself, you will not get to the event until at least 14.45 h. And while you finish doing some portraits in the restaurant and you drink something before entering the banquet. It will be around 3:00 pm.

As the sun sets sooner in winter, the party can continue after lunch. If it were at night and no one goes cold. Not you with your beautiful wedding dress with V-neck back. Some of the guests who may have chosen a party dress for 2018 with suspenders or transparencies.


Unlike in the winter, summer weddings are best celebrated during the afternoon/evening. The hottest hours that could ruin your makeup and make the assistance to your guests quite oppressive.

Summer is the best time to get married

The advantage of these months is that the days are longer. So, you can take photos with sunlight until quite late. A good start time is 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm. It will allow you to start dinner around 10:30 pm -22:30 pm.

Of course, your wedding can also be in the morning or even earlier in the afternoon. You choose. But in these cases, it is recommended that you take special care of the guests. How? With original details for weddings. Fans, hats, sunglasses or refreshing lemonade will be more than welcome.

Spring and autumn

Both in spring and autumn, we advise you not to delay the start of the celebration beyond 5 or 6 o’clock in the afternoon. Because you will not be able to enjoy the light of day. As for the temperature, it is probably advisable that the guests wear at least one party shawl to avoid being cold. Also, remember that if in your population there are regular rains during these seasons. It will be vital to specify a plan B with the organizers in case the day is rainy.

best time to get married


The ideal bridal shoes are those that adapt to the temperatures of the celebration and the style of the dress. Besides, will your bridal bouquet include seasonal flowers? We already imagine hydrangeas, freesias or wallflowers if you get married in summer. Or that you carry the spring in your hands with a beautiful composition based on roses, peonies, and daffodils. Proposals that, without a doubt, will fall in love! Choose your best time to get married.

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