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wedding hall

To wedding was a real tale of mutual love and happy, you need to prepare a decent decoration for it original and festively decorate the banquet hall. And it is very important to choose a balance between luxury and style, not to turn a wedding hall in the flower-candy flower bed, but did not leave his interior as standard, boring. To make it easier for the couple to determine the order should look like a banquet hall for a wedding, we have prepared a few tips to help you make the right decision.

So, we are faced with a particular challenge: the formulation of the wedding hall. Where to begin? Of course, you must first select a style that will be executed decoration of the banquet hall. The easiest way to determine this during the themed weddings – then immediately subject celebrations outlines the range of possible options for the decor. In all other cases, you can rely on your own taste, or use the services of florist-decorator.

It is important that the room was decorated with harmonious and elegant. Choosing a color scheme of decor, do not try to combine it all existing shades. Much more stylish decoration of the hall will look for a wedding, performed with the use of two or three complementary colors each other. Suggest colors decoration of the banquet hall is the time of year: for the autumn – warm golden, disturbing red and reserved chocolate shades for spring – soft white, pink and emerald tones, etc.

Of course, the design of the banquet hall is unthinkable without colors. To set on tables bouquets do not interfere with the guests to talk during the banquet, and flower garlands and baskets cluttering your room should be preferred small compositions. To keep the freshness of flowers as long as possible, it is better to arrange in vases, and vases can be different in form, but they must be made in the same style. The ideal situation would be clear glass vase that will not attract attention. Also, it can be used to decorate the composition of fruit – this is especially true for the summer and autumn weddings.

In addition to flowers and fruit, banquet room can be decorated with colorful garlands and balloons. Ornaments from balloons can be in the form of columns or arches if space allows area, may be a composition of balls of different colors. You can also order the production of topical compositions of balloons, such as figurines of the bride and groom and other wedding symbols. Feel free to be romantic: choose those elements of decor that can remind you of the day your love, first date, or any other important event in your life.

If a table decoration all more or less clear, move on and pay attention to chairs. These elements of the interior must also be consistent with the overall design concept of the wedding hall, so they should pick up decorations draperies or blankets, in harmony with tablecloths. Particular attention should be paid to the decoration of the table the young: it would be appropriate posters with congratulatory messages and wishes, garlands, balls and all kinds of draperies.

For guests do not experience difficulties in finding their place at the banquet table in the decoration of the hall for the wedding to include the production of nursery cards on the table for each guest, as well as the general scheme of the banquet table. These organizational elements also can be decorated in accordance with the overall style of the decoration of the hall.

After the idea to decorate the banquet hall is found, it is time to think about how to make the time spent at the table, even more, enjoyable for the guests. And here come to the aid of those original little things like napkin decorated with flowers, all sorts of Souvenir for each guest: small boxes of chocolates, nuts painted with the wishes and many other things that you tell your imagination.

You may be puzzled that the decoration of the hall for a wedding requires many different elements of the decor because every little thing has its price. And if your wedding budget is limited, it may be difficult to translate into reality all the fantasies. But do not give up any ideas, because many decorations for the wedding hall can be made with your own hands. For example, the same boarding cards, napkin rings, personal Souvenir for guests and more, if you wish, you can make yourself. This will help you reduce the cost of registration of the banquet hall, it will provide an opportunity to surprise the guests and original decoration will allow realizing their own creative potential.

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