How to dress for a wedding in the evening

wedding dress

Weddings are special and glamorous events and you have to be the most dazzling and if you want to be among the best-dressed guests follow this link. Even though today’s wedding outfits are much more flexible, some items should always be considered depending on the kind of ceremony you should choose a look and mix your clothes and accessories in a timely manner.

 wedding dress

In the following article, we show you all things to know to dress for a wedding at night, time of day that has its own requirements.

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As you know for a wedding day the protocol validates the use of short dresses above or below the knee. On the other hand, in the afternoon or evening, there is a greater flexibility in the length of dress depending on the place of the celebration of the wedding. So it is recommended to wear cocktail dresses during outdoor weddings and long dresses for indoor celebrations and party halls. If you are not comfortable in a dress, you can also wear a two-piece suit, with a bodice or a long skirt or pants. Keep reading about college jewelry.

If you choose an extra-long dress, consider covering your feet completely so that the effect is as elegant and sophisticated as possible. For these two clothes, be it the cocktail dress or the long dress, the idea is to wear pretty sandals and a scarf to cover your shoulders, always trying to combine them perfectly with the tone of the dress.

Another key element that cannot be overlooked when choosing your dress for a wedding is the color of the dress. Unless the couple has suggested that guests should wear a specific color, you should choose colors that are rather sophisticated and totally exclude the white that is unique to the bride. Black is not prohibited, but it is annoying and not very flattering for a wedding. Our recommendation is to choose shades of red, Klein blue, champagne, pearl gray or powdered pink, and your success will be assured!

For the evening, allow yourself the sequins and the rhinestones, in order to have more festive and bright clothes. But if you wear an overly heavy outfit, you will have to combine it with subtle little jewelry. Remember the principle of less is more to be really beautiful. Similarly, the bustier or asymmetrical necklines are the most flattering for long evening dresses.

An essential accessory is a bag. For the evening, you must wear a small bag, convenient and compatible with the color of the dress and shoes. Pockets are the most appropriate models due to their small size and elegance.

For a wedding party hats with wide edges are totally excluded, especially if they are big or flashy. The best option is a beautiful hairstyle, either a bun or loose natural hair to which you add a special, lasting touch that will remain intact until the end of the ceremony.

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