How to Organize a Simple Wedding?

Simple Wedding

The crisis, the lack of time or the turmoil of everyday life mean that many couples abandon the idea of an expensive marriage. Nowadays, the bet that most brides-to-be are betting is that of simplicity.

Therefore, on, we give you some ideas and tips on how to organize a simple wedding.

With these tricks, we assure you to live a dream wedding, without ruining you. You can devote your time to your priorities. Remember this basic rule: less is often better than too much.

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Set your priorities. Before you get started in organizing the wedding, make a list of what you absolutely want at your ceremony. Even if you have a tight budget, think about what you like most and reject anything that is unnecessary. You will save time and money in organizing the wedding.Simple Wedding?

Nowadays, many caterers and restaurants adapt to your budget. Before choosing an idyllic but expensive site, find out about promotions or offers in many places (farms, restaurants, hotels …) and that adapt to your request.

Make your own invitations. Optimize your costs by making your own invitations. Another idea is to make simple and original invitations through social networks or emails. And if you want to bring a more personal touch, invite your guests by calling them on the phone.Simple Wedding?

One color. For decoration like flowers, table linen or ribbons, choose only one color. The monochrome will save you time and money. We recommend you use white, an elegant color, pure and beautiful.

No artificial flowers! Do not waste money in plastic and opt for potted green plants when you have to choose the flowers for your wedding, you will save money.

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If you cannot do without flowers, choose fresh and natural flowers. Place them in glass vases of various shapes and sizes to aerate the space while bringing a touch of elegance.Simple Wedding

Few, but well accompanied. Choose your guests. The best is to have between 50 and 100 guests, otherwise, the cost of the wedding will skyrocket. The list of guests must be considered: leave aside family obligations and invite only relatives.

Avoid stilted decoration and stay simple. Do not buy cheap decorations to fill the space. With fresh flowers and some candles, the place will be charming and elegant. Do not add anything more.

Do not forget the music! But save money … If you do not have the budget to hire a DJ or a professional group, hire a group of young people or offer one of your guests to be in charge of the music. With a CD of your favorite songs and compilations, your party will be great.Simple Wedding

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