Meghan Markle showed her feminist side at her wedding with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle wedding with Prince Harry. The bride has decided not to give up her feminist spirit and shows it with pride in some gestures during her wedding. For several years, Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, has declared herself a feminist and at her wedding several details confirmed it.

On this special day, his father Thomas Markle could not accompany him to the altar due to health problems and the one chosen for the job was Prince Charles. Keep reading: 16 questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot in wedding

Meghan Markle wedding with Prince Harry

wedding with Prince Harry

But the actress has decided to travel part of his way to the altar alone, showing in this way that is independent.

During her trip to the church, Meghan was accompanied by her mother during the first part of the trip, before changing to the car in which she would arrive at the ceremony, a gesture that gives importance to her family values.

The bride also made some changes at the time of pronouncing their vows, eliminating the word “obey” from the traditional phrase “I promise to love you, appreciate you and obey you”.

A few years ago, Meghan has shown her feminist character and it is remembered that in 2015 she went as a guest to the United Nations event Step It Up For Gender Equality, to tell her experience as a feminist since she was 11 years old.

wedding with Prince Harry

Once inside the royal family, as Harry’s fiancee, during an act of the Royal Foundation took the opportunity to show his feminism.

During the event, she said: “It is interesting that when we talk about female empowerment it is said that we must help women to find their voice. However, I do not think that women have to find their voice, they already have a voice and they only have to feel empowered to use it “. You may also read:

The new Duchess has also been noted to refer to the Times Up and Mee Too movements in support of women.

Another thing that Meghan has made clear, is that after her wedding she will continue working and she will do it in different foundations, especially in topics related to women.



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