16 questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot in wedding

questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

The photographs will be an indelible mark of the most special day of your lives, your wedding. Choose a good photographer, and the memory will be even better. We show you the questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot. Take note.

As future lovers, you will try to take care of every one of the details that will characterize your link. After the effort and the desire that everything comes out by mouth, you will want to remember the great day to perfection. But as much as it hurts, in the long run, this will be impossible or not?

The ideal testimony of a wedding is photography. Your photo album will be the only one saved for eternity all the moments in the day B. As you will consider other basic as the latest trends in decoration ideas for weddings, the best songs for weddings of the moment, wedding gifts for more successful guests or the most suitable flowers for bridal bouquets, it will be essential that you take into account the choice of a good wedding photographer; You do not want your day to be framed in photographs of bad quality or out of your style, right? Continue reading: When and What is Best Time to Get Married? Choose Now.

Questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

If the images are beautiful, the memory will be much more, hence the importance of finding the right professional. Therefore, attentive! We show you the questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot. Make sure of your choice, because it will be framed for the memory.

  1. Photography style?

Let’s not fool ourselves. The first thing we usually fix is the appearance or initial appearance of someone or something. With photography, the same thing happens. When looking for your ideal photographer, you will be struck by the naked eye how beautiful or not your photographs are. And, in fact, this impression will be what makes you make the first decisions. The work of the photographer enters through the eyes. Therefore, the first questions you can ask are related to your photographic style. Just as in today’s society there are people with different styles, in photography too. Traditional, artistic, posed all different and with their charm. Whether you like it or not, the photographer’s style will depend, no doubt, on your own.

  1. What do you want to provoke in your photographs?

Although in appearance this is a somewhat complex question, do it and pay attention to the answer! As a professional, the ideal would be for the photographer to answer something profound, related to emotions. But eye! Do not conform to “poetry,” because it may be a response rather than prepared. You should simply notice sincerity in the words of the professional and passion for the work you do. This way you will know the photographer better and if his style is closer or not to yours.

  1. Do you use black and white or new techniques?

This decision will depend entirely on your tastes. Whether or not you shoot the black and white photos or the new Instagram-style filters, you will like the photographer in question more or less. Ask this question, and you will know what techniques it employs and what options you have to choose.

questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

  1. What is your wedding experience?

Another aspect that should interest you of the photographer is his experience. You already know what types of photography he does, but do you have enough practice as a bridal photographer? Just as the designers of vintage wedding dresses, for example, should have a route in the making of this style of pieces, or the florists should have it in the creation of natural bridal bouquets, it is important that the photographer has extensive knowledge about bridal photography. Think that it is one of the most complicated styles; the light, the weather or the movement of a wedding are unpredictable. The photographer must have sufficient experience to combat these contingencies and know how to adapt to each situation.

  1. Do you offer bridal packages or extra sessions?

The next step is to know the services offered by the photographer. This is not something that can be known by looking at your photographs. Although normally their services are usually displayed on a web page or personal blog. In the same way that professionals such as those dedicated to the bakery sector will have a page showing their works and all ideas for the candy bar that they elaborate exclusively for links-.

However, it never hurts to ask! That the photographer offers bridal packages is something that you will be interested to know; maybe for a price, it is cheaper to get one. Also, these packs can include the exclusive service of the wedding, to extra sessions such as pre-wedding or post-wedding, for example.questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

They may also not have packages as such, but they do offer pre-wedding services or post-ceremonial photographs (banquet and dance). The idea is to have pictures of everything! It is a matter of asking and comparing. Surely you will find photographers that offer very good bridal packages or, at least, you will know if with that professional you opt for pre or post-wedding sessions or photographs of the bridal party.

  1. What equipment do you use?

It will always be good to inform yourself about what equipment the photographer uses. Knowing the quality of the material you can get an idea of the professional’s knowledge. It is also interesting that you ask if the equipment is bulky. A wedding full of cables is not pretty, but less so if by these cables your guests, who will look radiant with their long party dresses and suits, end up on the floor. You will not want that, so do not be shy about asking.

  1. Do you work alone or do you have a team?

It will always be good to know because with a team of photographers your wedding will always be better covered. For any unforeseen, it will also be good to make sure that one professional can replace the other. But watch out! Sometimes you think you have hired a person, but then you will send a beginner photographer. Clarify these points well, since the quality of your photographs is at stake.

  1. Do you cover more than one wedding a day?

This is a crucial issue. Many photographers have more than one wedding a day. If you hire a professional who, in your wedding, has other ceremonies to photograph, you risk not doing his job in detail. Think carefully if you care or not about this topic and, if yes, leave it very clear. Keep reading: What to do a few months previously your wedding

  1. How would you act before any unforeseen event?

Unforeseen events can be as soon as the photographer gets sick on the day of your wedding until it rains in the open air ceremony and he has to adapt to the weather. A good photographer will always have an action plan. If he gets sick, he will send a photographer to cover your wedding that meets, in detail, the same conditions as him as a professional. Suffer always clear this issue! It is perhaps the most important.

For any other unforeseen, a professional will always pull a plan B, which does not hinder his work, no matter how it rains, snow or thunder.

questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

  1. When can I see my photos?

As you will sign a contract, it is important that the waiting time is stipulated in it. Look at that date, so as not to take surprises afterward. If you have any questions, ask! You will be sure, and you will have a clearer idea of the delivery time. It is also good that you are interested in the format in which you will give the photos and their resolution. Everything must go in writing in the contract!

  1. Do you have insurance?

It will be important to know, to know the seriousness of the photographer as an entrepreneur and professional.

  1. How do I make the payment?

Be clear about your needs. From here, talk to the photographer about the price, payment methods and, if you are interested, the possibility of splitting it.

  1. Do we have privacy rights?

Talk to the photographer about whether there is a possibility that your photographs will be displayed on blogs or web pages. It is becoming more common to see how these professionals share their work to promote and make themselves known. If you want to reserve your privacy right, speak it and let them know. Above all, read everything you sign up well!

  1. Do you know the locations where my wedding will take place?

If the photographer knows your places of celebration, better than better! You will know what scenarios will be 10 in your photos, as it will have already done to other couples. If, on the other hand, you do not know them, do not worry!

  1. Could I work more hours if necessary?

It is always interesting to discuss with your photographer the possibility that the wedding may be extended. He will comment on your availability and what are the conditions in that case.

questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot

  1. Do you travel outside your locality?

If your wedding is held in a different location than the photographer, you will have to be sure if you are willing to travel. Most bridal photographers will do it, as most couples choose places to get married outside their town. In any case, ask and look for the one who can move if you need it.

Separate questions,

Make sure that the photos of your chosen one you like 100%, and for it nothing better that shows you several of their works. Check the contract and ask all the questions you have. The photographer is a significant figure in your wedding, and the photographs will be your biggest memory, so nothing to cut yourself if you have doubts. Check this before choosing your wedding car: https://kooiii.com/the-questions-to-ask-before-choosing-your-wedding-car/ 

Finally, think about the affinity that you have with that person because he will be all day in your wedding and you will have to pose before him and to wear that beautiful wedding dress and an elegant and sophisticated wedding suit; Everything will be easier if that person transmits tranquility and good vibes. And now, yes, you already have what it takes to find the ideal photographer. The questions to ask a photographer before a photoshoot make all your confusion clear.

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