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Classic white dress, black suit and ceremonial hall decorated with roses – all this is not so important for the modern newlyweds. Now the lovers are looking for new ideas and original solutions to design special day in my life. Perhaps, therefore, now leading wedding experts offer a variety of styles for the wedding celebration. Among the dozens of options for the bride and groom are increasingly choosing the style of “rustic”. Let’s try to figure out what is so attracted to this stylistic direction?

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If we turn to the translation of the word “rustic”, you will see the following definitions: rural, simple, unspoiled. All this is reminiscent of many of the already well-known style of “country”, but it is a different concept. Style “rustic” more gentle, graceful and touching. It beauty is intertwined with the rural nature of the vintage mood. Wedding in the style of “rustic” – a sincere story of two lovers. These weddings usually take place outdoors and in the circle of the closest people. We offer to learn the basic features of this style.

The images of the bride and groom

Any wedding celebration begins with the bride and groom. Their images should organically fit into the selected style wedding. The image of the bride in the style of “rustic” quite free. This can be a dress in vintage style and sleek lace wedding dress a-line. Stylists are advised to pay attention to the milk and beige shades. The wedding dress can be supplemented with a bouquet of delicate peonies or bright sunflowers. Most wedding florists prefer to focus on the green.

Bridegroom is to forget about the strict black. For the style of “rustic” more suitable light gray, brown and beige shades, and denim is appropriate. The image of the groom must be decorated with a buttonhole. You can add other interesting details, such as colored bow ties, suspenders and socks with stripes.

Style newlyweds friends

Bridesmaids and groomsmen should also be consistent with the chosen style. For girls it is best to choose soft neutral shades, while not necessarily all appear in the same color. Apparel friends can be supplemented with boutonnieres, as in the style of “rustic” is always a lot of colors.

Place a wedding celebration

A major role in the wedding, “Rustic” is the choice of location. The ceremony of marriage is best spent outdoors. Often, a banquet is organized and on the open area. You can also pay attention to a spacious wooden house, reminiscent of a hangar. Location wedding necessarily need to decorate a variety of fresh flowers. And in the evening to include a garland.


To make wedding the newlyweds are increasingly turning to professional decorators. Those skilled in the power of love to transform the holiday into a real fairy tale. Since the style of “rustic” is associated with wood and natural textures, the decorators are actively using these elements. On the tables, you can often see a thin log cabins that serve as supports for sweets or floral arrangements. Tablecloths are usually sewn from flax, also for decoration often used burlap.


The culmination of the wedding celebration becomes a cake. The main evening dessert in the style of “rustic”, too, has a couple of features. Most often, confectioners offer tiered cakes with open Karsh, decorated with flowers and berries. Making mastic is rarely used. Wedding cake can be submitted on the original wooden stand.

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