Three Ways to Pull Off a Seamless Outdoor Wedding

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is over $35,000, and the industry continues to grow despite a recent recession. An investment of that magnitude is bound to bring about stress and anxiety, and with trending outdoor weddings there are additional factors that bring about more uncertainty. Consider these simple ideas for tipping the odds in your favor and pulling off a memorable wedding without a hitch.

Inside, an event facility can guarantee with some confidence that the climate will be about the same come rain or shine. Temperature controlled spaces with four walls and a roof offer a certainty that cannot be found when planning an outdoor wedding whether at your home, a park, or a special events facility. Put a plan in place in case of severe weather, including a secondary indoor area for the ceremony, umbrellas, ponchos, hand-held fans, and a pop-up tent to protect the guests and wedding party from the elements.

Inclement weather is not the only concern when planning an outdoor wedding. Unseemly insects have no vested interest in the success of your event or the comfort of your guests, but fortunately, there are professionals who do. During your site visit, get a feel for the insect situation ahead of time and consider wedding mosquito treatment, a process by which a purveyor can treat the area for the pesky, sometimes harmful, bugs before your big day. Even if all seems calm, consider some of the attractions for mosquitoes like trash and water and consider whether they may crash your wedding unexpectedly. Many of these companies offer a guarantee of their services so that you can shift your attention on the more pleasant details surrounding your nuptials.

Outside weddings present amazing opportunities for ambiance, photography and overall guest experience, but the terrain can be just as unstable as the weather. Encourage guests to dress accordingly with proper shoes and attire to suit the outdoor atmosphere while considering the tone of the wedding.

Offering a designated space with sunscreen and insect repellent for your guests offer a great opportunity to show hospitality and consideration for the most important people in your lives. Adding casual flats or flip flops in a range of sizes can add an extra element of comfort for the unsuspecting attendee, and goes a long way towards a memorable experience for everyone, regardless of what Mother Nature brings your way.

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