How to Remove Burning Smell in a House?

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There are aromas that are not very pleasant and difficult to eliminate: the smell of burning for example. This odor may appear for many reasons, but it is more common that this happens when we allow burning food in the oven or when a domestic accident occurs like a fire.

Whatever the case, getting rid of this smell is not impossible, and that’s why in this article on, we tell you how to remove the burning smell in a home.

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When something is burnt at home, the first thing to do to eliminate the burning smell is to open all the windows so that the air circulates inside your home. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on, and if they are portable, place some of them so that the air blows towards the windows.

If a dish has been burnt in the oven of the kitchen, the best way to eliminate the smell of burning is to coat a bowl of butter with a lot of sugar and cinnamon. Afterward, turn on the oven at the high temperature and let the mixture warm up to release a cinnamon odor and not burn.

Another very practical and effective option to eliminate the smell of burning is to place pots or buckets filled with water in vinegar in different places in the house. Vinegar has the property of absorbing unpleasant smells, so in a few hours, the smell will have disappeared or at least decreased in intensity.

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To remove burnt smell from your home, you can also cut several lemons to place in a container with boiling water. The heat will trigger even more the astringent power of the lemon and it will release its aroma in your spaces.

Like lemon, the onion is also ideal to eliminate the smell of burned. Place buckets of water in the affected area and place an onion in each bucket. The onion will help to absorb the burning smell.

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You can also heat water in a pot with a large amount of laundry detergent or clothes rinse. Gradually, the heat evaporates the water and the fragrance of the detergent predominates, eliminating the burning smell.

If you have coffee at home, another option to eliminate the smell of burning is to toast a generous amount of coffee. In just a few minutes, your house will feel the coffee and not the burned one. However, be careful not to burn the coffee.

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